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April 15, 1998

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C Uday Bhaskar,
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April 16, 2000 hours IST (1030 hours EDT)
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Sadhus Versus the Big Mac
The VHP and the Bajrang Dal plan to invite sadhus from the Kumbh Mela to cleanse Indian culture of all western influences. ''McDonald's is just the beginning. We plan to clean up the education system that teaches lies to kids. We will stop beauty contests happening in colleges,'' thunders a VHP activist.

Advani's hints force 5 governors to quit
The lieutenant governors of Andaman and Nicobar, and Delhi as also the governors of Goa and Mizoram have resigned, following the Union home minister's hints about gubernatorial changes. The Gujarat governor too has stepped down after the Centre sought his resignation.

The Great Indo-Pak Tango
If Pakistan gets itself some deadly new gizmo, we in India must respond by acquiring our own.... Offer the most astonishing aspect of Costa Rica's success story in India -- that it has no army -- and you'll get scorn, chuckles, excuses thick and fast to avoid learning its lessons, argues Dilip D'Souza.

Look ma, no lines
Thiruvananthapuram Telephones goes in for Prof Jhunjhunwala's cheaper, indigenous wireless local loop technology, starting off with an exchange of 1,000 lines.

The reluctant sex symbol
She launched her career with a topless cover photo. And every step she took was dogged with controversy. But, would you believe it, Mamta Kulkarni claims she really isn't anything like her image...

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